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It's completely programmable for inversion times, frequency, stand time etc and will provide a high level of consistency from film to film - something that users of hand tanks might find occasionally troublesome if the phone rings in the middle of development for example!
Hi Richard and please don't think I was being critical of you or your company, in fact quite the opposite! I appreciate that this particular device is a bit expensive for the sole user, but I'm generally impressed with the concept behind it, especially now that the onset of arthritis means it isn't so easy to agitate a Paterson tank with one hand.

I genuinely meant that there might be a market for a cheaper (build your own?) device that would give the 2 different motions available with the Jobo and the Orbital, and if you wanted to build the device or supply kits then who can guess what the demand might be? (just ignore the stand/semi-stand crew smiling smugly at the back!)