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I wonder if Lucky has any future at all. At one time, I think you had mentioned that Osmium, Iridium, and Rhodium were used to enhance the spectral sensitivity of film emulsions to give them sensitivity across the entire spectrum of visible light.

Well, as of sometime next year (I forget the precise date) all industrial purchase of those three elements in the PRC is going t have to be done through a government clearing house. I guess the rationale behind that is that China wants to be certain that its developing aerospace industry isn't going to face availability issues for these three elements which are using in superalloy heat-treating processes.

Aerospace is a growth industry, analog photo materials really isn't, so it isn't hard to guess which will be shown preferential treatment in a command economy.
These chemicals are not used to enhance spectral sensitivity. They are used for contrast control, latent image keeping and reciprocity among other things. Osmium is used in the new 2 electron sensitivity which impinges on spectral sensitization peripherally in that it interacts with the spectral sensitizing dye.