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ok im just curious has anyone used one of these? how does it tap for air bubbles? when i process by hand and agitate with inverses i always tap the tank to make sure air is not trapped on the film surface. could this machine have an issue with that? Ive no experience with this device im curious over it.
It doesn't tap. The instructions suggest that you tap once and once only at the start then the machine does the rest. No different to Jobo in that respect. I usually tap every time I stop inverting but this is probably completely unnecessary. I just feel better for it.

I am amazed that there are enough clubs still using film developing equipment often enough to make it sell in sufficient quantities. Colleges tend to have each student manually do his own. If there are 20 students on a course all with a film to develop that day/evening then to free them to get on with other things the college is going to need a lot of machines and a big budget. Maybe there aren't enough sales which helps explain the high price. Insufficient economies of scale.

Unless there is something better about inversion than rotation most people who want to switch something on and leave it will use their Jobo rather than spend this kind of money, I would have thought.

I go back to my analogy with the Dragon's Den. This is a TV programme where hopeful entrepreneurs try and convince business people to invest in the idea and have to explain cost, projected sales etc.

I have a feeling that this idea would never have got any backing there. Still, best of luck to Heiland if they have got enough demand, Good job everyone isn't like me or it seems like the respondents so far.

Maybe we should run a poll on APUG asking how many intend to buy? I think it would make depressing reading for Heiland