Nitrile gloves - ebay? I think that is where I bought my last 3 boxes. They should be as easy to get as anything else on the the internet. They are not reusable. They are not as stretchy as latex but are a better barrier to smaller molecules. They also do not lead to a latex sensitivity that is common in people that wear a lot of latex gloves. you don't want to get that problem. Getting ones that fit right is more difficult than with latex - latex will fit to you, nitrile will not be as forgiving. If you get them too big, you will not have the tactile response you need and too small and they rip going on.

This whole thread is like discussing reloading ammunition, if you are careful and sober, it is very safe. If you are careless, the angels sing. In my darkroom there are chemicals that can produce amazingly toxic gases. There are chemicals that I can taste if they get on my skin. But with respect and care, they are safe and easy to work with. Gloves and a face mask for powders. None of them are so toxic that a drop on my skin will kill me. It is preventing the repeated and prolonged exposures that makes it safe. A drop splattered in the sink is not an event - Rinse like you would a drop of food coloring and you are good to go. No fear! Just respect and care.

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I guess I will get some of those "nitrile gloves" you mentioned. Is there anything to watch out for or do I just google "nitrile gloves" and buy what I find? I mainly find those medical ones. Can I use them for everything else in the darkroom as well? Can I wash and reuse them?