I agree with PHOTOTONE.

I like Ilford ID-78 as a Warm Tone Print Developer. To warm the tone further, I add Potassium Bromide to the working solution. To Cool the tone (to a Blue-Black) I add Benzotriazole to the working solution.

In December 2005 I mixed concentrated ID-78 stock solutions (A and B). These stock concentrates are still going strong today.

I use the working developer as a one-shot (it is inexpensive).

A Solution
Propylene Glycol @140deg. F, 100ml
Hydroquinone 12.00 g
Phenidone 0.50 g

B Solution
Sodium Sulphite, anhyd 50.00 g
Sodium Carbonate, anhyd 62.00 g
Potassium Bromide 4.5 g
Water to make 1 litre