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Hewes are indeed the best; in my opinion,
Kinderman comes in a close second. Konical
I've a Kindermann with a center lift grip which I've
taken a liking to and one other with another center
grip arrangement. At least one other Kindermann has
yet another grip. Kindermanns have the heaviest of
steel in their reels. I do have a Hewes and second
it's also first rate quality.

I do as many others fear to do, I squeegee my film
using an eight blade film squeegee. Kept just for the
purpose it sees a rinse in the Phot-Flo solution right
after the film is removed. With the film hung by an
upper clamp it is drawn slowly downward. Jobo is
my brand but the same squeegee is marketed
under other brand names. Films dry fast. Dan