Last week I made a 'double' bath out of some spare acrylic I had. It's just two baths together that share the middle wall.
I also made a box for my silver bath with a lid.
Next I made some simple wooden boxes about 7.5" cube without a lid.
I made one to hold the silver box (in essence just a stand) and another for the double bath. The work great for just carrying and storing.
I used the double bath for the developer rinse.
It worked great and I really like using it over trays.
I stop development by pouring water over the plate when it's in the helper tray. Then I take the plate out and put it on the dipper. Place in the topmost bath for about ten seconds, then the bottom, gently going up and down. Then I take the whole box with bath over to the fixer area and pull the plate out with the dipper and place it in the fixer bath.
What's nice is that I probably use less water. It's also easier to rinse and fill then carry over the trays. Best of all it takes up much less space.
I plan to make a double bath for the fixer as well.