Aloha all, hope you all had a chance to shoot some film over the weekend.

I followed a link to the John Sexton interview podcast at
and have a few points to discuss with you all.

The first interesting point is that interviewed alongside Sexton was Kodak's Scott DiSabato, who commented at the start that Kodak made improvements to TMX first but found that the improvements would be too expensive for a relatively small gain over the existing film. And so, attention was turned towards TMY. (Which, IMO was a good call, to me it seems that TMY from the new coating plant had more of a grain thing going on, Photo Techniques had an article when the 'new' coatings came out that had a similar impression). Hmm, improved mystery TMX?

The next is that while JS did extensive testing, he (rightfully and honestly for his working methods and style) did not push TMY-2. Pushing to me is what most interests me in TMY-2, possibly at 1600 could be a better replacement for P3200, especially if the price is less.

Although I am very happy with my current film/developer, I'll be trying TMY-2 when I find it, and the the first thing I'll do is a push comparing it to P3200.

All in all, a very good interview, worth a listen. JS gives some insight on his working methods, and while I have some differnences in opinion its still fun to listen to an artist who understands his craft.

Let us all engage in photo chat, Aloha