Thanks Sandy for your input. I have gone through your book on Carbon Printing and through the three of the most popular books on alternative processes.
Even though I am very new in monochrome photography I already feel desire to explore other printing processes. So far I have printed all of my negatives on Azo. It took me quite a bit to get beautiful prints on it but that was just because I was so new to it. I feel that I will continue to make contact prints on Azo for a long time, or at least for as long as the paper is available, but I don't want to limit myself to just that as I feel many of my photographs could look better if printed on watercolor paper. That alone for me is a big aesthetic improvement over the shiny stuff of traditional B&W papers. Also like you said the fact that you can make tissue with any imaginable color is something you just can not have with other processes.
Since I will continue to use Azo, the fact of productivity is not an issue for me. What I want to do is print those special negatives that mean a lot to me in carbon hoping that they will look absolutly gorgeous in tonal scale, that they will be sharp (I mean sharp enough) and the will look somewhat organic or earthy. I hope I am correct in assuming I can achieve all of that with Carbon.
I still would love to see a carbon print in my hands so if anyone feels generous enough to send me a print that has some kind of damage or blemish or whatever for me to see I would greatly appreciate it. Of course I will pay shipping both ways.

Thanks again