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just because I'm curious. Are the steel reels, realy that much better?
That's a matter of personal preference. My own personal preference is for Hewes SS reels; I just find them easier to load than plastic reels. Others have other opinions. The only way to know for sure is to try both -- but be sure to try good reels, not junk ones. I've got a couple of used generic SS reels that are harder to load than the plastic ones I've got!

The effect of holding temperature more constantly, makes this interesting. Is it worth to buy new reels?
I'm not positive, but I expect the temperature effects have more to do with the tank than the reels. Usually SS reels are used with SS tanks and plastic reels are used with plastic tanks. There are exceptions, though; see below....

Since I'm using the Jobo tanks, would any stainless steel reel fit into it?
The US NYC and mail-order retailer B&H has a page with Hewes SS reels made specifically for Jobo tanks. Presumably they're available from other sources, too, but I have no other references. I believe B&H ships internationally, so if you were desperate you could mail-order from them; or if you know somebody who'll be visiting New York, you could ask them to pick you up a reel or two. I doubt if there'd be any problem carrying film reels back in checked or carry-on baggage.

I feel the jobo reels are soaking in the chemistry. (The color changes over time...) Would this problem be erased?
(any short tip on how to clean them?)
SS reels certainly won't discolor over time the way plastic does. They have their own care issues, though. The one that gets the most mention is handling care -- if you drop a SS reel, it can get bent out of shape, making it difficult to load. Hewes reels are made out of thicker metal than generic SS reels, so this is less of an issue with them, but it could still happen.