Hope I didn't create any controversy by posting...just desperate.

To set the record here...I'm a straight black and white film photographer who is still dependant on darkroom printing only!! The scanner we use is for proofing for the few clients I take. I love this site for all it offers and thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it.

As much as I'd love to say 'problem solved'...I can't. We've tried everything suggested and still can't get the darned thing to initialize. You can here the scanner set itself (the bar slid back into place, the scanner light came on under the glass), but that's it. After that...the program won't come up for me to operate the scanner. It's almost as if the computer doesn't want to work with the scanner. At a complete loss!

Again...thank you all for taking time to make suggestions. I'm still game for anything else I may be overlooking!