Bumping this thread and also confirming people for this Thursday. Let's see, we have ...

Dinesh ?
Mike Wilde ?
Bill Schwab ?

Anyone else? I know there are many GTA folks around - Uncle Bill, Rob Skeoch (sp?), etc ...

I'll be bringing my newly made ambrotypes. Nothing special, but I'm addicted to the process now. I think I'll also bring what I have from the postcard exchange and the toy camera exchange.

Folks can bring prints to show if they want.

I have reserved 10 places so far and ordered appetizers for everyone. People are on their own for drinks. Les and Bob would bankrupt me if drinks were on my tab!

Anyway 6pm or thereabouts at Grapefruit Moon on Bathurst just south of DuPont. See you all there!

Regards, Art.