Hi All,

I make gelatin paper for process with bichromates: oilprint, resinotype, etc.
I use 6% gelatin solution with some additions:
100 ml 6% gelatin:
- glycerin 4ml (acts as plasticizer)
- 1% Salicylic acid alcohol solution - 2ml (acts as preserver and prevent bubbles formation)
- Alum - 0.13g in 10ml of water (hardener)

I coat paper in this way:
- put paper in a tray of warm water for 2 minutes
- squeeze on glass with rubber roller
- remove excess water with paper towel
- pour hot emulsion and spread it with glass tube or plastic comb.
- wait 5 minutes for setting gelatin
- put glass with paper in the refrigerator for 20 minutes
- remove paper from glass and hang to dry

But after 24h of drying I get curl and other paper distortion
How can I avoid those distortion? What do you think?