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I suspect you will think I'm nit-picking, and I understand English is often not a very precise language, but I would like to point out that the "brown" color of a PyroCat HD neg and the "yelow-green" color of a PMK or Rollo neg do not predict negative absorbances in the UV. There's nothing intrinsically special about one stain appearing brown or yellow-green when considering UV.

I disagree with you on this one Kirk. From color theory one would expect a "green" or yellow/green filter to transmit more blue light spectra than a yellow or brown filter as such it is not far fetched that it would block more UV as well. Visual observation should give us a strong indication of the "probable" behavior of the stain. Of course this would then have to be verified with the appropriate measurements.

As to the behavior of non staining developers, Clay had it right, pyrocat, pyro etc have the "ability" to be used for both silver and alt processes. OTOH my recent test of TMX400 with HC110 show similar results to Clay's. UV absorbtion is proportional to the amount of density or perhaps I should say silver halide content.