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My grandfather just donated me all his dark room equipment, this means i am now a porud owner of a ilford cibachrome-a processoer cap-40 and a vivitor VI dioptic light source projector. Can anybody kinda help me how to use this stuff since my grandfather is able to remember after numeruos strokes. I have done some dark room work with b&w and know the basics but dont want to start and mess something up before im sure. I have lots of chemicals he also gave me but i think they have passed there date since he ahsnt mad a print in over 6 years. If anybody could help me i would be extremely happy! Thanks, Lars
The Cap40 is a print drum processor, inside the top cover there is a cup that attaches to the inside of the lid. You place the print inside and keep the tube standing up while you pour the chemistry, once you place it on it's side on the drum roller the chemistry pours from the cup onto the print. You can process LF negatives on this tube with some modifications, like adding the screen Don was talking about.

I have no idea about the Vivitar, but it sounds like a slide projector.