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Gee whiz,

All I wanted to know was if a guy with a non-UV capable densitometer wanted to print on Pt/Pd could he use his blue wavelength measurements for determining proper development. This was all assuming the use of a non staining developer of course.

Clay seems to have answered this question for me.

The idea of using pyrocat HD to create dual purpose negatives is appealing. However, I also want to be able to measure what I am working with.
What i did before I got the UV densitometer was just print the stained film test wedge on my palladium paper, and plotted the Visual density range against the resulting reflection density of the print. The steps won't necessarily be in the nice even 0.15 units, but the visual density range I would calculate worked just fine as a target DR for the process. I generally found that at pyrocat neg target VISUAL DR of 1.2 or so would give me a nice print that would be equivalent to a non-stained DR of 1.8. This is good enough for government work.