Hello. I am new to this online community. Just did a google search on "Omega DII enlarger" and came across this site.

I just bought a DII enlarger over the weekend at a garage sale. It also came with a bunch of darkroom goodies:tons of relatively new paper, 2 50mm lenses, 1 75mm lense, 9 trays, 3 tongs, a bunch of chemicals, 2 timers, filter set, etc. (It did not come with a safelight however!!!! Can I simply get a red bulb at home depot without buying an official safelight?) He wanted $200 for the lot; and I got it for $100 bucks. Seemed like a great deal, but I bought it from a young guy, and you may not get as good of a deal at professional's store.

This is my first enlarger I have ever purchased, and boy is it a beast!! Very cool though.

I noticed on an earlier link, that someone posted a pdf file for D2 instructions, but does anyone know where I can find free instructions for the DII. The DII is actually an earlier forefather of the D2. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.