Ok, guys, here's what we did:

- a Palm with DOF calculating software on it (awesome suggestion, I have one myself now)
- a Pentax 645 with the ugly photo store rescue macro lens
- 2 x 10 rolls of Fuji Neopan 400 and Acros 100
- 20 rolls of Velvia

I hate to say that the film cost more than the camera and lens.

And for Christmas, he'll get the poor Pentax 67 body I had to take home while shopping for film to replace his broken Pentax 67. He has a nice wide angle lens for that. Well, ok, he already got that, I couldn't resist, but he knows it's part of his Christmas present. And to help him make more cyanotypes, he also gets my Epson 4990, a printer, a pack of suitable transparencies to make his negatives on, and a pack of chemicals.

Right now, he's in his lab, making enlargements of the roll he shot on the Pentax 645 yesterday.

So, I guess this was a success.

The downside: I'm in the market for a field camera now. No. Don't laugh.

Thanks all.