I have liked reading the responses to my first 2 "Just Thinking" threads and thought I'd start a 3rd one.

If you had the opportunity to follow 1 person taking pictures and documenting their life, who would it be and why. To make it more interesting, as a second question, if you could only do 1 year of their life, which year. Again, any historical personage is OK, available of C-41 film and 1 hour labs is not a requirement.

I came up with a couple.

1. Adolf Hitler. His life is varied, from a soldier in WWI on through the rise and fall of NAZI germany. The evolution of his life would make an interesting photographic study. If I could only do one year, I would choose one from the his rise to power in the late 1930's. Perhaps the year of Kristalnacht? It would all be in Black and White, of course.

2. Napoleon. Similar to Hitler so far as reasons. Rose from obscurity and was the focus of Europe...twice. If only 1 year, definitely the invasion of, and retreat from, Russia. I would shoot this in a combination of color and B&W. I think that the colorful uniforms of the era would add to some of the pictures but the stark bleakness that you can only achieve with B&W would be needed for some of the pictures as well.

3. The Dalai Lama (well, one of his Incarnations). Again, some color and some B&W. The deeply religious monks combined with the backdrop of Tibet. If only for a year, I would choose one of the years where the Buddhists were being persecuted in Tibet.