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Just found out from Fuji that the Acros 100 4x5 quickloads are not on a polyester base and therefore do not qualify for the most stringent Library of Congress archival standards (500 years). Maybe this is old news to HABS-HAER photographers, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I was hoping to use the ACROS quickloads for a couple of projects. looks like i'll be shooting the TMAX readyloads (on Estar thick base).

Here is the response from FUJI:
Dear Mr. Schafer,

Thank you for contacting FUJIFILM, USA's Helpdesk Center. Please allow
us to assist you.
Acros 4x5 black & white quickload film is a cellulose triacelate base

THIS IS INCORRECT. For those who can read Japanese, the data sheet for Acros sheet film, including 4x5 QL, is here:


It states clearly that the base is 0.180mm polyester.

The Fujifilm USA website does not have the datasheet for Acros sheet film, only the datasheet for Acros roll film, which is, of course, acetate. The only sense I can make of this is that the Fujifilm USA helpdesk staff simply reached for the nearest data sheet, read "cellulose triacetate", and didn't know enough to understand that sheet films are almost always on a different base.