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The Click-1 is slightly different from the Clack from the look of the websites but you may be right about it being the North American model.
No, the Click has been the 6x6 version of the 6x9 Clack - an affordable (=cheap) massproduced camera, designed for contact printing the developed film.

IIRC the US name of the Agfa Clack used to be Agfa (or Ansco?) Weekender.

In Germany the Agfa Clack has been established as the better Holga - cheap (at less than 5 Euro) and able to produce stunning results (unlike the Holga). It has a single meniscule lens and the film is lead in a curved base to compensate the optical problems of that single lens. That works pretty good.

With its single shutter speed ("M", about 1/30th of a second) and the f12 or f13 lens (plus a optional yellow filter) it has been designed for Isopan F or FF film, rated at EI50. For that reason some people fed it with Fuji Velvia and got nice results on their light table.

Caveat: addictive.