I just got the bellows patch kit from Bostick and Sullivan that they sell for something like $10.00.

I figured I'd be getting something similar to the puncture repair kits you get for rubber rafts and bicycle tires....

Boy was I wrong! It is definately a good value since you get 225ML of the bellows patch sealer liquid and a substantial amount of patching fabric! I am now set for the next 20 years when it comes to fixing my bellows.

Anyway, the instructions are O.K., but a bit vague. I have five holes I have identified. All in the same area. This is for my Calumet CC-401 that I got. Since this camera is lacking the knob on the end of the rise and fall shaft, the gear that runs along the back of the front standard tends to fall against the bellows. Turn that gear a bit or have the front standard move in shipping, and the teeth of the gear bit into the corner of the bellows.

So I have 5 holes all on the upper corner of 5 consecutive pleats. The biggest one is MAYBE 0.5mm. The smallest is only noticable when I place a flash light right against the area. Definatly not a planetarium. Figuring a decent fix, I should be able to keep the bellows running string for decades. No other holes at all.

Anyway, I want to fix this correctly so I never have to do it again. The instructions state that for "pinholes" I can just brush several layers of the liquid on. For "holes and tears" I have to use the fabric and cover that with several layers of liquid.

So is 0.5mm a "pinhole" or a "hole"? And since these holes are in an upper corner of a pleat, is there any extra care I should take in this? It seems an inherently "tricky" area.

Any hints on using this stuff would be greatly appreciated.