With most everything a photographer can think or dream of having already been done, it makes it tough to be original and creative. I believe in an effort to be creative, different or simply noticed picture makers will do most anything to grab, capture, shock or what ever it takes to catch the viewers eye. I come from a time not so long ago that to chop off a persons head in a picture was considered to be very amateurish and indicated lack of training and was to be avoided at any cost. Like so many things in photography the "head chopping" has now gained a great deal of acceptance by many that never knew in the first place that it was in poor taste.

Today anyone can do anything from allowing tree's or telephone poles to grow out of peoples heads to cutting off the head or other anatomy in the name of creativity. Perhaps they are correct and others of us are incorrect. I do not believe that rules are made to be broken! I believe that if one knows the rules first that he/she is in a position to better interpret the results of what they are trying to achieve. Generally when I see an image with top of the head cut off I either turn the page or go somewhere else.

If you think or believe other wise it is finewith me, I do not wish to change anyones mind however I personally dislike the cutting tops of heads off in portraits or even family photos.
Jus my opinion,
Charlie........................................... .....