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Since you have a meter with spot attachment...I would meter my shadows and place them on a Zone III or IV placement. This would be one to two stops less exposure then the meter indicates. I would next meter the white church and give three stops more exposure then the meter indicates. This would place the church on a Zone VIII exposure since the meter converts everything to a Zone V luminance. If you find that this range amounts to six stops then I would develop the negative for normal development. If that range is less then six stops then I would increase development to expand contrast. If the range is greater then six stops then I would reduce development to reduce contrast. The filter factor would probably not alter that contrast range materially...the caveat being shadows which would typically be filled with blue light and a yellow or red filter would lower the shadow values because of that consideration.

As always expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights.

Surely if you place the shadow on Zone III or IV you cannot also place the highlight as you appear to be suggesting, it will FALL on the Zone governed by the number of stops different from the shadow value.