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Is the Crane's 90# Cover paper at photographer's formulary the same as Crane's Platinotype?

Dr. Phil,

No it's not the same paper as far as I know. The #90 Cover Natural White can be used for platinum printing though. I've used a lot of it in the past and it's a decent inexpensive paper. You can order the paper directly from Crane's BTW in parent sized sheets or in boxes of precut 8.5x11 sheets which is very convienient. Ordering from Cranes Direct is a money saver. Don't order any Cover that is heavier than 90# such as the 110. It will bubble and delaminate when wet. The 90 works okay for sizes of 11x14 and smaller but larger than that size the paper has wet strength problems and tends to tear unless handled very carefully.

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Don Bryant