I have a high rise Dodge Ram 4 wheel drive. 16" tires and a large foot print. I have never had the truck in 4 HI but think I will to do like you say to give it a workout. I lived in Seattle nearly 30 years ago. Moved to LA and the wife hated it so we moved home. Been here ever since. I loved Seattle then. It was before the big MS boom. I never thought of it as drying out. The guy I will stay with I met in Ft Worth then he moved to Page, AZ and then up to Washington state just south and east of Seattle. He is from Sandy Waygo originally and it was too damp for his wife and him. So, they up and moved to Tucson. He keeps a Mac network up and running at an elementry school there in town and his wife is a book editor and does everythjing on line and with emails and can live anywhere.

coolpix6 sent me an email once before I knew who it is and the title of the message was "It's a small world but I would not want to paint it." That applies here I think.