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Seriously, how much better are Leica optics than Nikon? I have an Nikon F3 and I'm considering switching to Leica M. I love the F3, but it's not a very good camera for situations where noise is critical. I just can't get away with taking a photo without everyone in a 1 mile radius noticing. Plus, I'm thinking that the lighter weight of the Leica will enable me to hand hold the camera at lower shutter speeds. There's just something magical about the Leica.

If the optics are not that much better then I'll probably stick to the F3. Also, do you think it's possible to find an M body and lens for under $2000 (I can hear a few of you laughing right now as I type this)?
If you want to keep your optics while having a silent camera trade in yor F3 for an F5 . It's the GREATEST NIKON! It would made me consider changing from Canon to Nikon.