Hey to all APUG'ers in the New England region.
I have been in contact with a few of you already - thank you for your info. I would like to organize a get together on either Saturday Oct 16 or Oct 23. I will check for any exhibits in the Springfield area that may be up.
My thoughts are:
1) We could gather and head to the Quabbin Reservoir for some photographic fun. Its a wonderful place and I would be glad to introduce the place to all.
2) We could meet in Springfield at the Valley Photographic Center (VPC) where I volunteer as Installation Curator. We will have up on the walls an exhibit of photos from the children of Springfield. And I think there will be a show of one of our members at one of the museums in the Quadrangle.
We could meet at the VPC and introduce ourselves and show some of our photos, visit the Quadrangle and end the day up by going to Red Rose Pizza.

I have e-mails from several New Englanders already, and if anyone else is interested, please PM me with your e-mail address. Also please let me know which of the two above scenarios is to your preference.
I am glad to put together this initial New England event and look forward to meeting all of you.