Let's not demystify the Leica too much here. As in many of the replies have been in the vein of, "Have you considered something else other than a Leica, like a Mamiya 7, a TLR, a Bessa, etc. ?"
While the Leica has many shortcommings compared to other cameras for all around use, A Leica is a Leica and nothing else does what it does as well. For low light work, for quiet operation, for fast focusing of a stationary subject, for the the look generated by the lenses (especially the older designs), for the "high" you get using even a 50 year old one, nothing else comes close. Not a Mamiya, not a Contax G2, not a Bessa and certainly not an F3.
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Edit: BTW, If I already had a camera, my next purchase would be a darkroom. Another camera would be well down on my list of purchases.