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I'll take a competent PQ developer over some of the other developers I've seen out there. Are there any major caveats to using Studional?
There are a lot of competent PQ film developers available: Ilford Microphen is one, Ilford DD-X is another, and there are also Kodak TMAX and Ilford PQ Universal to name just a few of many.

I have only one potential Studional caveat and I haven't yet tested it.

According to the 2003 Agfa Studional MSDS, the developer contained Potassium Sulfite.

According to the 2007 Agfa Studional MSDS, the developer does not contain any form of sulfite. Without sulfite, the developer should produce image stain and tanning.

Image staining and tanning is fine with me, but it may not be ok with some folks.
Of course, to prevent staining and tanning, you can always add a few grams of sodium or potassium sulfite to the working developer solution.