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When the Agfa Australia MSDS docs were available they were useful since the standards for inclusion were higher. This is from the Australian pdf for Studional concentrate (same as Rodinal Special, as can be confirmed from numerous posts)

Ingredients Name <CAS> Proportion
Triethanolamine <102-71-6> 30-60 %
Potassium sulfite <10117-38-1> 10-30 %
Hydroquinone <123-31-9> 1-5 %
Potassium bromide <7758-02-3> 1-5 %
EDTA-alkali salt 1-5 %
Phenidone <92-43-3> 0-1 %
Water <7732-18-5> (To 100%)

The pH of the working solution is stated to be 9.3
Yes John, that's identical to the information in my Agfa Studional File. I wish more countries used the Australian MSDS inclusion standard!