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Oh George.. that's a low blow.. coming from sunny Tuscon? Tuscon, where the pagan chickens cook themselves as they cross the road - I do hate mixing bad jokes and good recipes Now we'd all be jealous if Síle came back with a great photo of a nice draught of Guiness, true?
Alas, I wish that Jon were still correct, but we returned to NYC and Copake last Friday.

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I like to think that George was in New York when he made this post - how's the snow George?

From Matt, in Delta British Columbia, where the first (and hopefully last time) this year, it is trying to make its mind about whether to slush, or to snow.


A blast of cold air upon our arrival back in NYC woke us up - and we did see some snow flurries on Friday night up in Copake.

But now, global warming seems to have returned and we are "basking" as if it were still mid-Autumn.

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Ah George anyone can take a picture in the sunshine.. But there's nothing quite like the diffused early morning and evening light in the Irish countryside........

What is amazing too about this time of the year where you are is that the diffused early morning and evening light of the Irish countryside happen at the same time!

Just kidding - looking forward to your pic, and one of a pint o' Guinness would look quite nice.

Perhaps the next round of this kind of thread should be "pub shots around the world"?