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.... This is most accurately done with the Stouffer calibrated step wedge. From that one can "see" what the actual negative densities convert to in tonal representations on the print. The step wedge will allow that in 1/2 stop increments.
Hello Donald,
Thanks for all of your input thus far, quite valuable information. When discussing the Stouffer calibrated step wedge, are we talking about the projection wedge or the other (sorry, transmissive the correct term here)? From searches I have done, seems like there are different opinions (like everything else in photography), but if I were to purchase one (it would be a 4x5) I would like to get it right the first time. Looks like you can contact print one, or projection print from the enlarger..would the contact printed be OK? I can see using a calibrated wedge, and Stouffer seems like a much better buy than the Kodak ones.