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He showed in Wausau, Wi a couple years ago but the room was so narrow that you could not get farther away than about 4 feet from the prints. It was all wide angle work about 50x60" and it made one dizzy to look at it. His prints need a big room...EC
I thought that show was outstanding and inspirational. I had to go shoot some film the next day.

On walking into the gallery, I saw a display of very nice color panorama photos. I can't remember the photographer, but very well done inkjet prints. Then you see "the real thing" Cyde Butcher enormous ULF B&W fiber prints. Unbelievable. Walking back through the color inkjet prints, I thought they looked like third world postage stamps by comparison.

I can understand the attraction of digital output for prints of that size, billboards really. But it is disappointing. I would like to see some side-by-side as I imagine I would prefer the traditional prints.