Okie dokie fellas I worked hard at it but finally got the box together. The first pic is the box closed and in the back of my truck. It's on a homemade skid I made years ago for camping. The next pic show how I keep the top up (and the three prong approach ala Joe). Then you can see what it looks like with the shroud deployed.
I took a couple of close up shots to show some details. You can see the inside and the white table cloth (removable) that I placed down. You'll also notice no window. I decided to forgo that and just use a red led light. The next pic shows how I attached the shroud to the upper supports. This was a last minute change. I was going to use a cross board but decided this is less rigid and there aren't any holes. You can also see the hinge system I used to lower the front door. I flipped the hinges upside down to the would be relatively smooth with the surface. The last pic is of the double bath I made for rinsing the plate after development.
It took me a little longer than I expected last night to install the shroud. Even though I used a mock up, I stop short of taking it completely to it's functional intention. So...I learned a little more last night. I basically had a 116" circum, 10' long tube. As I mentioned yesterday it seems the only place extra fabric is needed is on the sides. Well, that's true but there is another caveat. I spent a lot of time figuring out how to do this last night....
The best way to do it is to staple in the bottom part of the tube into the bottom corners with it tight across the length. To maximize the table space we want the fabric to come straight out to the edge of the table (essentially covering the whole table. The other important thing it to get the height up to the upper support. This is where a wider circum tube helps out (but it's not necessary. What I had to do, since my circum. was only 116" was 'go back' farther on the top part of the tube to attach to the support. If I was too close to the front it would lift the fabric off the table and thus loose working space. So I found the spot it needed to be to keep the fabric on the table, tie it to the support, THEN went to tack the rest of the cloth to the inside of the box. What ended up happening is there is extra cloth at the top (in the horiz. plane) so it will actually come down the wall. Then I had fabric to make up for on the sides and just put in one huge pleat on each side. I know that might not be clear but perhaps you can see what I mean by the pic of the inside. I'll also go into photoshop here in a minute and do a mock up.