ewww....I knew talkin' bout lenses would wake yall up!
Thanks for the input. Kerik thanks for the clarification and for muddying the water....
Sheesh, now I just want to try all sorts of different lenses and see what I get.
The cool thing about wet plate is not worrying about a shutter!
When I was in LF before I just used modern glass.
I never ventured into this cool world of possibilities.
My entire style is changing with the wet plate process...and I love it.
There is this 'sterility' that my film and digital photography has in comparison.
It's just TOO precise, accurate, clean, whatever.
Anyway, back to the lenses...
I'm not sure about the lenseboards because the camera came with two lenses already mounted on the boards.
Definitely not 6X6 though. I also wish I had more bellows.
I did see that the wolly veritos were damn pricey and if I'm not mistaken so are those Dallmeyers.
I don't have a damn clue at all the different types of ____ars
I learned about dagors after I got one with the camera.
But other than that, artars, versars, protars, __ars ain't so clear.
I do like the very sharp thin plane with lots of bokeh look.
thanks gents