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Kerik, Isn't the Verito a petzval design? I mean as you stop down you get a sharper image out to the corners. Wouldn't that happen also with a Dallmeyer 3A if you used a small enough waterhouse stop? But the Verito is considered a soft focus lens and the Dallmeyer is not? I thought what made them a petzval design was the fact that there is one element up front and two in the back. Then again I'm no optics expert.

Nor am I. Jason is much better informed on these details than I am. If the Verito is a petzval, then there is something different about it to add the beautiful diffusion that it gives at and near wide open. The Derogy and the Dallmeyer that I have are petzval lenses but exhibit NO diffusion or soft focus effects wide open or stopped down.