The Lens Collectors Vade Mecum lists the Vitex and Vesta as petzval arrangements. The Vitax was listed in 1914 and had a softness adjustment. The Vesta was like the Vitax but slower and without the softness adjustment. On some models the rear cell could be removed and replaced with the front lens (reversed) for full-head photos.

The Verito listing says that it appeared in post 1919 catalogues and was a symmetrical design, well colour corrected with a lot of detail but softish due to spherical abberrations, becoming sharper on stopping down. The iris was designed to give a ragged edge, which gives way to the smooth outline of the mount on opening up beyond f8.0. In 1926 a 'new' Verito soft focus lens was introduced. It was an unsymmetrical doublet. The 18inch version was suggested for use with the 5x7 format. A 1920s Wollensak catalogue describes the Verito as being a rectilinear lens. some models appeared to be convertable.