I'm supposing the change was due to high blood pressure problems. Actually get rid of the soft water all together. Calcium is natures natural sedative, and helps lower blood pressure. A study was published about this in the AMJ back in 1984. I recently had my levels checked. My calcium seemed to be up, so one Dr. (general) told me to stop taking calcium. I started getting sicker, and my blood pressure started to rise. Endocrinologist did full testing. My Vit. D level was at 2 where it should be aroudn 250. What was happening was my body needed the Vit. D to absorb the free calcium. I am back on both in large doses. My blood pressure is now back down to 95 over 50. Which for those that know me, would wonder how at my girth can have that low of blood pressure.

Moral of story - lose the soft water, save money, and get some calcium in your system.