I used a red LED from Radio Shack to make a darkroom flashlight

the LED's emission was right in the middle of the part of the spectrum you'd want for a safelight...I forget the wavelength...but it was printed on the package & I called Kodak's 1-800-242-2424 tech support to check

ANYWAY...I wanted to pass on how I made the flashlight since it was so simple:

get a red "jumbo" LED from Radio Shack ( the BIG one ), a plastic film container, some aluminum foil, and 2 AA batteries

fold over a couple layers of the foil and put that in the bottom of the plastic film container

poke 2 holes in the top of the film container & slip the leads for the LED through the holes and bend them over so the LED won't fall out

put 2 AA batteries in the film container...one + side up, the other + side down

when you put the top back onto the film container ( if you line everything up carefully ) VOILA the LED is on and works great as a red darkroom flashlight....to turn it off you only need to pull one side of the top up -- you don't need to completely remove it.

I made one out of desperation when I was temporarily without a normal safelight....I never need to use it anymore, but I always loved it since it was so simple and worked pretty well