Be sure you follow the specific recipe for the glycol mix, as sodium sulfite is not soluble in glycol. I think you can get it ready mixed or at least in a kit from PF. Pyrocat made with pyrogallol is an interesting experiment as well. Use 2/3 as much pyrogallol as you would of catechol. That's only because it has 3 OH groups instead of the 2 of catechol.

I think the Pyrocats are better for use in stand or semi-stand as far as grain, etc. than PMK. Using pyrogallol in the recipe for Pyrocat PC or MC gives IMO the color of PMK with the other
qualities of Pyrocat.

I have not had the overall stain problem with PMK because I never did the stain intensification bit, except possibly once. BTW, I wrote that article for what is now Photo Techniques. You can order a reprint of it. Search for "More Pyrotechnics" on the Photo Techniques site.