Although, I would have to agree with Sean as far as the lens quality is concerned, a Leica is not in my immediate future. I looked up some prices on eBay and I was shocked to say the least. Basically, I would have to sell the F3, both lenses and motor drive, the Hasselblad setup, and still not have enough for any Leica. I love working with my F3 for most of the work I do, it's just the size and the noise that are prohibitive. But then again, I'm also the guy that used to own an RB67 and use it without a tripod, so at first the F3 was like lifting a feather. I'll probably be working on getting the darkroom going, it's going to cost much less in the long run and there are so many negatives to print. Thanks for all the advice. I found the forum about a week ago and you guys and gals have already been extremely helpful.