Thanks, Yeah-Yeah and DKT, for the info. Very, very helpful for me in my search to get a few goodies for the darkroom. I think the best way for me is to buy all of this in a "darkroom lot" on Ebay -- I'll keep my eyes out and be patient. Maybe I can find all I am looking for in one "lot" so I don't have to keep paying for an arm and a leg on the shipping end. (Don't you just hate when you buy something on ebay, and the shipping is acutally more than your final bid?) Grrrr . . . .

Yeah, the Granz Speed Easel is what I was thinking about. I have used their yellow frames quite a bit. It is good to actually now figure out the name of those tools that I have been using for all of these years!! I am a bonehead.

Oh yeah, I also went to the Classic-Enlarger webpage. Great info on every Omega Enlarger. Go to the "Ask Harry" forum and learn a tons on Omega enlargers.

Well, that should about do it. I think I have found out all the answers to the questions I have been looking for (for the time being). Thanks for all the help!!