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There's the Staeble Polyplast, where the rear cell is fixed and the front cell is changed through a bayonet mount - is that the one? I have a partial one of those too...
I use a Staeble Polyplast set, purchased from Dagor77 a few years ago. It has 105mm, 135mm, 165mm, and 195mm front elements, and 220mm by using the rear element alone. It is set in a tiny little Compound shutter, and the front components bayonet in, each with its own aperture scale on the lens.
It is a wonderful, sharp lens with beautiful bokeh. There is a +1/8" focus shift on stopping down (except the 220mm element is -1/8").
It came in a tiny little box for holding the three unused elements and three screw-in filters. (I don't know where I'm supposed to put the 4th element when using the rear element alone).