OK people, calm down, calm down!

This is not one of those rumor posts that have Agfa like the Phoenix rising from the ashes; this is a question about Rodinal developing times.

Also, if this question has been posted previously, I honestly do not want to waste the forums time, but I can’t find the question & answer that I am looking for.

I recently came across some bottles of Rodinal, (which are old, perhaps from the 1980’s. (The data sheet says © 1982 and indicates that Agfa is located in Teterboro, NJ).

The developing times are as follows:

1:25 Dilution

Agfapan 25 @ 4 min
Agfapan 100 @ 5 min
Agfapan 400 @ 7 min

A newer bottle of Rodinal that I have (no ©, but Agfa is now out of Ridgefield Park, NJ) lists the developing times as follows:

1:25 Dilution

Agfapan APX 25 @ 6 min
Agfapan APX 100 @ 8 min
Agfapan APX 400 @ 7 min

Various Agfa data sheets that I found in PDF format, are even more confusing, with each revision, the times likewise change. Anyway, big difference in times!

My question is this, is the change in development times due to a change in the chemistry of Rodinal, or a change in the emulsion of the film?

A second question arises then, regardless of whether the answer is a change in chemistry or film emulsion. Rather than trying to date Agfa chemistry, film or even paper by the address at any one given time or some © notice, did Agfa ever, ever date code the products, even in the most rudimentary way?

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.