I'd at least try to get them to throw in one lens! Couldn't hurt right. I think the guy I bought mine from was selling the enlarger alone for $100.

I got my DII setup at a garage sale for $350, with 50mm Schnieder Componen S, 150 Schnieder Componen S (which you'll need for the 4x5 enlargements), negative carriers for 35mm, 6x6 and 4x5, a Kearsarge digital Timer, Four 8x10 trays, contrast filters, and all the accessories to work with the different lenses. You'll need a cone for the 150mm lens. I think that was all. Oh yeah, i also got a device to level out all the necessary pieces and parts, and he through in a bunch of old paper and odds and ends. You gotta love those garage sales!