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If you need more contrast, decrease the sensitizer concentration, not increase it. J Vee

The second problem in with this negative is I need a more contrasty tissue. So when I sensitise the next batch I'll go from 2 to 4% concentration. The print looks muddy.

Yes you are correct I had my contrast concepts with dichromate backwards. I'll probably drop down to a .5% concentration. Also I'll give the transfer paper a much longer soak in cool water.

If I had a lot of tissue I would be printing step wedges instead of images but since I'm doing this by the seat of my pants I wanted to have a bit of fun. With the next batch I'll get serious.

I do think it's a bit ironic that we may have difficulty finding silver gelatin paper now that carbon tissue has been once again produced commercially. Sullivan has an up hill climb though now that SG paper may become scarce(r).