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"There are lots of problems to deal with, but basically it is an easy process."

I understand the "lots of problems" part, but what do you mean by "easy"?
It would probably be better to wait until Don has made 10-20 really high quality carbon prints for him to explain that statement. But by then I suspect he will have changed his mind.

But I will offer a couple of thoughts. Carbon printing is easy in the sense that you do not need to understand quantum physics. And it is easy in the sense that no extraordinary feats of endurance are required. I once ran a marathon in 2:32 and used to run 10k races regularly in around 32 minutes. But doing those things was not easy, in fact they were gut wrenching hard, even though I had trained well to do them By comparison to understanding quantum physics and running marathons, learning to make carbon prints requires a lot less intelligence, training and endurance, and the actual making of a print is not nearly as hard. So I guess making carbon prints is easy in the sense that you don't need to be either exceptionally brilliant or exceptionally fit, and when everything comes to together and you make a nice print one might say, wow, that was really easy?