Hi Bob2,

I'm not a APUGger from Vancouver, but I am located in Calgary and may be able to help a bit. I too share your concern about the quality of photoprocessors (particularly about scratching). In Calgary, we have a few choices of professional grade processors, but no one left to develop 4x5 c41 film. It was recommended to me that I send it to ABC Photo in Vancouver.

1618 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver BC
V6J 1L9

I (and Eric Rose) sent off a bunch of 4x5 C41 and E6 to ABC a few months ago. ABC is absolutely great. Their pricing was competitive, their service was superb, the turnaround was quick, the folks on the phone were skilled and knowledgable, and the shipping back to us was professional, quick and trackable. The developing was dead-on and scratch free. You live there, so you have the added advantage of skipping the shipment hassle. I can say only good things about ABC.

I am not sure if they do Black & White development, but I would check with them.

However, having said that, you may want to consider doing the black and white film processing yourself. What format are you shooting? If 35mm or 120, you can purchase a Paterson development tank, a thermometer and a few other odds & sods for under $60 (even less if used). The chemistry is inexpensive, and has a pretty good shelf life. And, you get much more creative control (lots of threads about film development on APUG) over the results of your negatives. Food for thought.

I process all of my own B&W (35mm, 120, 4x5) and have done so for years. My darkroom for printing is another location other than my house, but I develop my film in the bath tub here all the time - it's especially easy in a tank. I could not imagine relinquishing creative control on B&W processing. Give it some thought as it is much easier than it might seem and the results are superb.

Good luck!