Hi Bob2

Fun stuff this snow, eh? (Sorry, I don't normally use eh...)

For B&W processing in Vancouver (sorry, don't know about New West.) there is G King Photo on 15th Ave., just off Cambie (and it's attendant mess). They do colour as well. I've used them since the early '80s and have no hesitation in recommending them.

"The Lab" (really is their name) on E. 2nd near Main St. also does a good job of both BW and colour. There may be other, smaller operations doing BW too, but I've not seen their results so can't comment on their quality. G King and The Lab do good work.

If you do decide you like the world of BW film, do consider doing your own processing. It is straight forward and the investment in equipment and materials is reasonable. You might even be able to find the required equipment (tanks, reels, etc.) for free these days - so many folks are just getting rid of it to do the D****** thing.